Here are just a few of the many real-life letters and emails we have received over the years about the HairBeam and HairBeam Pro Laser Comb Systems.

“I can truthfully say this is the real thing”

I’ve been using your HairBeam for several months now. At first, I thought it was just another gimmick – but after seeing the results, I can truthfully say this is the real thing. It is far better than anything else I have tried over the years.

Margret M.

“Her hair has stopped falling out”

My wife was starting to panic when her hair was literally falling out in clumps. She always had thick, healthy hair – but it was thinning out practically before her eyes. I read about Hairbeam, and decided to purchase one for her. After just 4 and a half months my wife is ecstatic! Her hair has stopped falling out, and she is now re-growing the areas that were whisper thin. Thanks a million!

Jack G., Florida

“Hairbeam does what it promises”

I had bought other laser combs over the internet. The ads were all slick and convincing, the units had lots of pretty lights and such. But helping me regrow hair? Not a single one! My stylist told me about HairBeam, so I got one. I owe her big time – this Hairbeam does what it promises. Kudos!

Paul H., Dublin

“She now goes out and about without a hat!”

My mom starting losing her hair after dad passed on. I guess it was the stress and all. She was really upset, and hardly ever went out of the house without a hat. My brothers and I got her a HairBeam for her birthday. Guess what? She now goes out and about without a hat! Thanks Hairbeam!

Julia O., Belfast

“My clients love it!”

I have a small, upscale salon in the USA. When visiting Ireland, I came across your hair loss centre in Dublin and stopped in just to say hello. I was amazed the owner came out to greet me personally. We chatted a bit, and I noticed one of the stylist using a strange device on a client’s head.
It turned out it was a HairBeam Laser Comb, and I was informed it actually could rejuvenate thinning and weak hair. I placed an order for the PRO unit right then and there. My clients love it! And I’m pretty happy about all the extra revenue it’s generating. I figure it will have paid for itself in less than four months – and everything else will be pure gravy as I like to say. Great going, guys – keep it up!

Lance C., Colorado Springs

“My clients love it!”

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of a minor issue with the HairBeam I bought three years ago. For some reason, it just stopped working. When I sent it in, it turns out the HairBeam itself was fine – it was the AC adaptor that went. You not only sent me a replacement adaptor, but one extra just in case. You really do stand by your word.

Margaret K.

“It has made a world of difference”

I own a small company, and lost time is the one commodity I can’t afford. I needed to get something, ANYTHING that could help me stop losing my hair. (In my business, looks are quite important.) I was told about your Hairbeam Pro by my secretary. It was purchased the next day, and put to immediate use. I can truthfully say that after five months, it has made a world of difference in the way I look. It is quick and easy to use – and it works. I wish everything I purchased could be the same. My hat is off to you.

Antonio Valencia.

“You get what you pay for”

I thought the HairBeam was a tad pricey, but I really, really wanted something that could at least slow down my hair loss. HairBeam not only slowed it down, my hair is started to come alive again! I guess that old saying is right – you get what you pay for!

Carmen M.

“Hairbeam is certainly top shelf material”

As soon as I first held my Hairbeam in my hand, I knew I was holding a fine piece of electronic machinery. Working in high tech electronics, I’ve seen a lot of junk lately. Hairbeam is certainly top shelf material.

Sarah McG..

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