The Original HairBeam

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The Original HairBeam – Still the Leader!

This is the instrument that started the HairBeam revolution! Its medical grade infra-red lasers and specially crafted focusing lenses were inspired by NASA scientists. They found that invisible infra-red laser light tuned to 785 nm could actually infuse living mitochondria with energy, in effect giving sluggish cells a new lease on life.

This is especially helpful for cells in the hair follicles. Healthy hair can only grow from healthy hair roots. When those hair roots/follicles start slowing down, our hair tends to thin out, becoming weaker and less robust. The end-game happens if the hair follicle dies. Then no more hair will ever grow from it again. HairBeam helps keep those follicles alive and healthy – extending their life far beyond what normally would be a dead-end.

The result? Your hair remains strong and vibrant. If it is already thinning out, the HairBeam can reverse the aging process and keep that hair growing.

But remember – even the HairBeam can’t revive defunct hair roots/follicles. The sooner you start using HairBeam as a thinning hair treatment, the better it will be for your hair!

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