HairBeam Pro


The HairBeam Pro – Professional Grade Power

A favourite with upscale salons across the world, the HairBeam Pro delivers the same powerful hair rejuvenation properties as the HairBeam – but in a third of the time! Sporting 14 medical grade infra-red lasers, this laser system is by far the one to choose if hair rejuvenation is part of your salon services. Yes, it is more expensive, but if time is a valuable commodity to you, then HairBeam Pro is the way to go.

Individual Users: Besides being price effective for those whose time is at a premium, the HairBeam Pro is lightweight, portable, and absolutely safe CE certified. It is also a breeze to use. If you can comb your hair, you can use the HairBeam Pro.

Of course, all HairBeam Pro owners receive our outstanding three year warranty and a lifetime guarantee of support.