The PowerTwin P21


The PowerTwin 21 Laser Rejuvenation System.

A professional pain relief clinic and hair enhancement instrument, all in the palm of your hand!

This incredible hand held therapeutic laser is like nothing you have seen before.

Created especially for:

  • Health and wellness spas
  • Physiotherapists
  • Doctor clinics
  • Veterinary practitioners
  • Upper-end hair salons and the
  • Financially affluent

The PowerTwin 21 is the ultimate in pain management, cellular rejuvenation and hair growth therapies.

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The newest and most powerful addition to our line of quality, professional class laser emitting instruments

Never before has so much healing, pain relief and hair enhancement power been concentrated into these easy to use, hand held instruments.

  • 21 powerful medical laser diodes cover and treat wider areas with both enhanced speed and intensity
  • 8.5 square inches / 55 cm² treatment area
  • Selectable laser parameters for custom control settings
  • Colour display setting indicator
  • Switchable head turns the P21 from a muscle pain reliever and skin rejuvenation treatment to a phenomenally effective laser hair system in just two simple steps.

The completely safe PowerTwin 21 boasts an impressive total output power of 1,050 mw (21 x 50 mW – 780 nm).

A “Laser Shower” of Therapeutic Rejuvenation…
All in the Palm of Your Hand

The PowerTwin 21 Laser Shower Rejuvenation System was especially developed to address these widespread customer concerns:

  • Pain relief
  • Skin & Tissue Inflammation
  • Circulation problems
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Muscle trauma

Simply select the settings you want!

  • Treatment dose
  • Mode of operation
  • Therapy time
  • CW (continuous wave) or multi-frequency spectrum
  • Special frequency programmes such as Nogier, Bahr, Chakra, and Reininger frequencies are already pre-set.
  • Custom frequencies can be freely chosen and programmed into ten memory locations.

Two Adaptors for Specialized Therapies

The PowerTwin 21 has two distinct adaptors:

  • Shower-effect adapter – enables the PowerTwin to be used effectively for skin treatments, wound healing, pain relief, inflammation inhibition or treatment of the orthopedic and muscular locomotive system.
  • Comb adapter – for hair and scalp treatments (See description directly below…)

Powerful Hair Laser System!

The PowerTwin21 is especially suited for hair rejuvenation. With the hair laser comb attachment head, you can instantly convert the PowerTwin 21 into a world class laser hair instrument.

Working exactly the same as the HairBeam or HairBeam Pro, the PowerTwin’s 21 lasers complete your hair therapy in record time – almost five times faster than the original HairBeam!

Be in the Vanguard of Technology

When innovative technology is paramount for yourself or your practice, clinic or salon the totally new PowerTwin 21 Laser Rejuvenation System will place you years ahead of the technology curve. No other therapeutic or hair laser product can match the power and the benefits you’ll receive when investing in the PowerTwin 21.