Risk vs Investment

HairBeam – The safest investment, and here is why…

Investing in a HairBeam is a unique and worthwhile investment. HairBeam incorporates the most efficient laser delivery system for the most effective hair laser in the world today. When you consider owning the original HairBeam costs less than a cup of coffee each week, the true value of the HairBeam becomes apparent.

Of course, the HairBeam Pro and PowerTwin 21 systems are more expensive. However, each of these laser instruments have their own special advantages, uniquely suited for discerning customers and salons.


Of course you will see potions, liquids, injections, pills… all claiming to regrow hair. The claims and ads all sound so promising! But here is something you’re not being told: When your hair root/follicle dies, nothing on the planet can ever make it grow back that hair again. Nothing – not even HairBeam. If you have advanced male or female pattern baldness, your only options are surgical hair transplants, non surgical hair replacement or accepting it and just continue on living with the situation.

Phony Guarantees

We have seen some manufacturers offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their laser products. Let’s be perfectly blunt: This is completely worthless and bogus. No laser comb or brush on earth can possibly help restore hair in this short space of time.

Other suppliers advertise a five month “satisfaction” guarantee. That is – until you read the fine print! The catch is you have to return the product in the same condition as received – a virtual impossibility. Then of course there are those restocking fees, handling charges, complicated claim forms to fill out, and so on.

The Bottom Line: Their so-called guarantees aren‘t worth the paper they are written on.

German Engineered – Three Year Unconditional Warranty

We offer the absolute finest engineered product in the industry, backed up by our commitment to quality, reliability and dependability. Even after your three year unconditional warranty, we offer a lifetime back up support service in case of the improbable event you will ever require service.