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    €445.00 €395.00

    The Original HairBeam

    €445.00 €395.00

    The Original HairBeam – Still the Leader!

    This is the instrument that started the HairBeam revolution! Its medical grade infra-red lasers and specially crafted focusing lenses were inspired by NASA scientists. They found that invisible infra-red laser light tuned to 785 nm could actually infuse living mitochondria with energy, in effect giving sluggish cells a new lease on life.

    This is especially helpful for cells in the hair follicles. Healthy hair can only grow from healthy hair roots. When those hair roots/follicles start slowing down, our hair tends to thin out, becoming weaker and less robust. The end-game happens if the hair follicle dies. Then no more hair will ever grow from it again. HairBeam helps keep those follicles alive and healthy – extending their life far beyond what normally would be a dead-end.

    The result? Your hair remains strong and vibrant. If it is already thinning out, the HairBeam can reverse the aging process and keep that hair growing.

    But remember – even the HairBeam can’t revive defunct hair roots/follicles. The sooner you start using HairBeam as a thinning hair treatment, the better it will be for your hair!

  • €4,995.00

    The PowerTwin P21


    The PowerTwin 21 Laser Rejuvenation System.

    A professional pain relief clinic and hair enhancement instrument, all in the palm of your hand!

    This incredible hand held therapeutic laser is like nothing you have seen before.

    Created especially for:

    • Health and wellness spas
    • Physiotherapists
    • Doctor clinics
    • Veterinary practitioners
    • Upper-end hair salons and the
    • Financially affluent

    The PowerTwin 21 is the ultimate in pain management, cellular rejuvenation and hair growth therapies.