Why it works

HairbeamHealthy LivingWhy it Works and Why Choose HairBeam

Here is the science behind why and how HairBeam works:

Everything in nature needs energy to grow. That’s a simple but essential fact. Growing hair is no different. The follicles where your hair grows out from needs energy, but after time, our bodies use that energy less efficiently. It’s just a fact of life.

Scientists discovered that by using low level lasers pulsed at just the right frequency, the body could actually absorb this laser energy and both heal and restore itself exceptionally well.

The HairBeam – powerful yet easy to use

Using renowned and respected German engineering, HairBeam is the laser device expert hair care professional’s rate as number one.

Make no mistake about it – this is a hi-tech precision scientific instrument. No corners were cut trying to save money on construction.

This unique instrument is ergonomically designed to be lightweight yet extremely durable. It is exceptionally powerful, yet safe and easy to use.

Simply put, it’s literally in a class by itself.

Can be used with other treatments

hair-treatmentsOne huge advantage when using HairBeam is that you don’t have to stop any other hair therapy you are using. In fact, HairBeam will help increase their effectiveness.

Plus, HairBeam is totally safe to use, there is only one thing that truly separates the HairBeam from any other hair laser product on the market – HairBeam is PROVEN to work.

  • HairBeam uses the only type of laser known for rejuvenating sluggish hair follicles – medical grade infra-red lasers, which are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Other laser devices use visible red light lasers, the same as in laser pointing pens. Nice to look at, but utterly useless for helping thinning hair.
  • HairBeam focuses this bio-activating laser energy through special lenses, concentrating the power at a precise distance beneath the scalp, and directly at the very roots of your hair follicles.
  • Other laser instruments you may find? The light they emit merely bounces off of the scalp or any remaining hair. ( This is commonly known as, divergent beams.)
  • HairBeam is carefully crafted to work as promised. Each HairBeam goes through extensive and rigorous testing before it ever reaches the front line.
  • In fact, HairBeam is so well constructed, each customer enjoys a full three year warranty – and a lifetime guarantee of support.

For over 9 years HairBeam has stood the test of time, while literally dozens of other devices have come and gone. This is testament to its reliability, credibility and popularity.