Why Infra-red hair laser therapy?

Laser Hair TherapyInfrared Lasers

Actual Infrared lasers are the only type that can promote the regeneration and rejuvenation process. They penetrate the most precisely under the surface of the scalp, stimulating the hair roots/follicles. Many devices that you will find are totally useless, so please be very wary. If it is not a medically approved infra-red laser, it’s a fraud. Many manufacturers use multiple colourful bright red LED’s for their instruments – making it sparkling and eye catching. It’s all for show, nothing else. Those bright LED lasers do absolutely nothing for bio-regeneration or enhancing hair growth. This is where asking your GP comes in very useful.

HairBeam is expertly engineered and constructed, and thanks to its unique dispersion lens, the five precision engineered infrared lasers focus their energy directly into the scalp.

There’s no “scattering” or wasted power as with other devices. Virtually all of the energy goes into stimulating your hair roots.


Beware of imitations

“Watch Out” … primarily for the “Hair Today! Gone Tomorrow!” providers and sellers who jump in and out of the hair business at the drop of a hat. This is especially true of all those unscrupulous vendors who have no accreditation’s, trichology expertise or medical experience..

A word on your investment